That’s My Story and I’m Sticking to It: Choosing What Kind of Athlete You Want to Be

Many people wander the gym aimlessly trying to decide what exercises to do. They pick up the dumbbells and do some curls, then meander over to the squat rack for some leg work. They look lost and bored. They have no particular rep range, or order of exercises. NO GOALS! If this is you, then keep reading!

In order to succeed in the gym you have to have a plan, and then you have to stick to that plan. I have heard it a million times, “I go to the gym every day, and see no results.” So I ask the simple question of, “do you have a workout plan?” “No.”

You can’t expect to see any real results without solid programming or even just a basic plan. So how do you go about formulating this plan?

Define Yourself

Decide what kind of athlete/lifter you are going to be. There are many categories of athlete out there, so you need to pick what you are, and then workout for those goals. Define the athlete you are going to be, and build off of that.

Here are a few examples: bodybuilder, sports athlete (football, basketball player) power lifter, Cross fitter, strong man and Olympic Weight lifter. These are just a few, and I am sorry if I left anyone out, but you get my point.

Building a Program

Be sure to build a program that is developed around your specific sport. You can’t expect to achieve a bodybuilder physique if you are training like a powerlifter. So unfortunately five sets of one rep with five minutes of rest between sets is not going to help you step on stage with Phil Heath. Know sport specific exercises, reps, and sets to help you reach your goal.

Not only will you have to exercise in a specific way, but you will also have to eat in a specific way. Diet is very tricky, and is not one size fits all. A Bodybuilder and Strongman have to eat in two very different ways in order for their bodies to operate the way they want it to. So you must eat for how you train! Eat for your goal!

If all this is over your head, then you may think about hiring a coach. Hop online and research who is the best at what they do. They could be a local trainer, or someone online! It may not be a bad idea for you to get expert knowledge and experience to help you build a program for what your goal is.

Stick to the plan

Now that you have done the research and built a program, it is time to put it into action. Go to the gym and follow every step that you planned out, and do not stray. Track your progress by writing everything down and follow the program in its entirety. If something feels off or doesn’t work, change it, and re implement it back into the existing program. Don’t abandon ship.

I guarantee if you follow the program to the end you will see results. But remember, health and fitness is not just a 12 week program, it is a lifestyle. So once you are done with one program, it is on to the next.

Tony Sykes, CPT
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach

Certified Personal Trainer - ISSA
Specialist in Fitness Nutrition - ISSA
CPR/AED Certified

Tony grew up in Walden, CO in a family full of UW fans. Because of this, he was encouraged to attend UW and did so earning his Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Sociology. However, Tony's number one hobby, interest, and passion has always been weight lifting. Tony is a Certified Personal Trainer through ISSA (International Sports Science Association) and is currently working toward his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification through NSCA. Tony has also served in the U.S. Military since 2007 and served overseas in 2013-2014. When Tony isn't dedicating his time to coaching and serving our country he enjoys dirt biking, riding snowmobiles, and cheering on the Green Bay Packers. At Altitude Fitness Tony leads our team of coaches as our Head Strength & Conditioning Coach. He has a wide variety of experience and training in strength training/muscular development, aerobic/cardiovascular training, weight loss/body composition, nutrition adjustment, goal setting, and program design/workout strategies. Tony plans to help Altitude Fitness grow into a regionally known training facility and show everyone that big things come out of Wyoming! Tony is excited to be a part of the Altitude Fitness team because "coaching and watching people learn and grow is a very rewarding experience. If I can continue to give that to people in Laramie and the surrounding region I will be happy. Giving people the tools and knowledge to achieve what they thought was impossible makes everything worth it. I believe and know the AF team can do that for anyone."

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