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Strength Training

Our strength training classes are about much more than packing on muscle. You can expect to safely learn proper resistance training/weight lifting technique, while enjoying an ego-free workout with the added motivation of a small group (limited to 6-8 for safety and attention). Altitude Fitness’s Small Group Strength Training classes can accommodate any age, any goal, and any fitness level. Since everyone can benefit from added strength, muscle tone, bone density, and calorie burning that comes with proper training, we invite you to get started today with the help of a highly-qualified performance coach our Altitude Fitness training facility.






Masters Strength & Conditioning

Masters Strength & Conditioning Class changes the traditional format of group fitness classes for active aging adults. This class is perfect for the older adult looking to begin or continue their fitness at a modified pace from our normal strength training class. We offer a progressive program that fosters stability and mobility. Our creative, upbeat curriculum promotes strength gains that can be translated into improved function. Ultimately, we strive to preserve an independent and enriched lifestyle for older adults. Our coaches tailor the class to address everyone’s fitness level through exercise modifications.



Fitness & Wellness Classes     Class Schedule

Altitude Fitness is continuously expanding our Fitness & Wellness class programing. Below are descriptions of class offerings. Please see the current class schedule for specific information on the current class offerings.


Mat Pilates

A revolutionary total-body workout to improve health, fitness, image, and self-esteem. Pilates is known for its core strengthening ability while facilitating healthy spinal movements. Pilates also provides anti-aging support to delay bone and muscle loss while improving posture and coordination.





Barre Pilates

A 45 to 60-minute low impact, muscular endurance workout that focuses on high repetitions and small, isometric movements. Small movements combined with fast-paced exercises make for the perfectly sweaty workout that’ll leave you feeling good.

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 Mighty Minis & Youth Training

Our Youth Programs are specifically designed to prepare young athletes to get the most out of their bodies by increasing strength, endurance, and flexibility, leading to increased productivity and decreased injury.
Please see Youth Training Flyers for more details and pricing information

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